Monday, March 12, 2012

Think minor leagues - Updated Indians' top 75 prospects.

OK, as we approach 2012 baseball I wanted to update my Indians' prospect list.  In the off-season we lost Zach Putnam (#16), Josh Judy (#17), Kelvin de la Cruz (#30) and Cory Burns (#40) from my post 2011 top 50 and got little or nothing back.  But that’s another story.  Without hearing a lot from spring training yet I have updated this prospect list based on transactions and information that I have learned since the end of 2011 and it will be updated again around minor league opening day. 

In summary, my thoughts are: I think Dillon Howard is a BIG risk (thus why I have him at #14).  I have dropped Tyler Sturdevant and Austin Adams a tad due to their current arm injuries and Hector Rondon has dropped due to the same thing.  This farm system is incredibly weak right now and got weaker by the give aways of Putnam, Judy, De la Cruz and Burns.  They are not prime prospects but in a system with as few true prospects as we have, losses of those guys have to be balanced by who we picked up.  That didn’t happen meaning that we are now probably the weakest farm system in the majors, not a position a small market team wants to be in!

1.             Francisco Lindor – SS
2.             Nick Hagadone – LHRP
3.             Tony Wolters – SS
4.             Felix Sterling – RHP
5.             Elvis Araujo – LHP
6.             Dorsyss Paulino - SS
7.             Chun Chen – C
8.             Chen Lee – RHRP
9.             Alexander Perez – LHP
10.          Robbie Aviles – RHSP
11.          LeVon Washington – OF
12.          Scott Barnes – LHSP
13.          Zach McAllister – RHSP
14.          Dillon Howard – RHP
15.          Juan Diaz – SS
16.          Cord Phelps – Utility
17.          Ronny Rodriguez – SS
18.          Luigi Rodriguez OF
19.          Jesus Aguilar – 1B
20.          Alex Lavisky – C
21.          Danny Salazar – RHSP
22.          Bryson Myles – OF
23.          Roberto Perez – C
24.          Jake Lowery – C
25.          Robel Garcia – 3B/OF
26.          Jake Sisco – RHSP
27.          Austin Adams – RHSP
28.          Hector Rondon – RHP
29.          Paulo Espino – RHSP
30.          T.J. McFarland – LHSP
31.          Matt Packer – LHSP
32.          Alex Monsalve – C
33.          Kyle Blair – RHSP
34.          Bryce Stowell RHRP
35.          Tyler Sturdevant – RHRP
36.          Tyler Holt – OF
37.          Giovanny Urshela – 3B
38.          Beau Mills – 1B
39.          Clayton Cook – RHSP
40.          T.J. House – LHSP
41.          Matt Langwell – RHRP
42.          Thomas Neal – OF
43.          Michael Goodnight – RHSP
44.          Cole Cook – RHSP
45.          Carlos Moncrief – OF
46.          Enosil Tejada – RHRP
47.          Jordan Smith – 3B/OF
48.          Nick Weglarz – OF
49.          Trey Haley - RHRP
50.          Jose Ramirez – SS
51.          Jorge Martinez – 2B
52.          Corey Kluber – RHSP
53.          Wil Roberts – RHSP
54.          Tim Fedroff – OF
55.          Jordan Henry – OF
56.          Rob Bryson – RHRP
57.          GIovanny Soto – RHSP
58.          Brett Brach – RHSP
59.          Eric Berger – LHRP
60.          Cody Allen – RHRP
61.          Mike Rayl - RHSP
62.          Anthony Santander - OF
63.          Kyle Bellows – 3B
64.          Eric Haase – C
65.          Miguel Carmona – RHRP
66.          Ramon Cespedes – RHRP
67.          Moisses Ramirez – RHRP
68.          Jeffry Cleto – RHSP
69.          Erik Gonzales – 2B
70.          Shawn Armstrong – RHRP
71.          Bo Greenwell – OF
72.          Shawn Morimando – RHRP
73.          Tony Dischler – RHRP
74.          Bryan Price – RHRP
75.        Casey Frawley - INF

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  1. A couple of points about the comments leading into your list..

    Having the weakest farm system in MLB is hyperbole to start with. With the graduation of Chisenhall, Kipnis, along with the addition of a MOR/FOR SP in the form of Ubaldo Jimenez, the upper levels of the Indians farm system doesn't lack talent.. it lacks impact talent.

    The loss of only Josh Judy from the recent transactions is the only player that had enough upside to matter ( the date of the posting predates the return of KdlC, so he's not actually lost). The rest of the losses and the accompanying return are pretty much irrelevant..

    The listing has a lot of crap all over it.. Looking at a few clearly gross overstatements or skewed potentials.. How can you have Scotty Barnes not even in the top ten, while having any pitcher NOT NAMED Scott Barnes ahead of him?..

    As players are promoted, it is always based on an opportunity by position. Having multiple position capabilities is advantageous for a player at the ML level, but is considered slightly negative in the minors. Make no mistake, the "best player" doesn't get promoted. The best player that plays the position where an opportunity exists (and the player has the skills to be a ML'er) gets promoted. Under this format, the evaluation of "prospects" should be considered (btw.. this is also an "unknown" format on other MSM listings, but not without merit) Let me provide one example as it relates to your listing and a specific position:

    Catchers in the Indians system. Extracting the six names from your list:

    1. Chun-hsui Chen (7)
    2. Alex Lavisky (20)
    3. Roberto Perez (23)
    4. Jake Lowery (24)
    5. Alex Monsalve (32)
    6. Eric Haase (64)

    Not a bad list. Now, I don't know if you're going off signing bonus or you honest feel this is the order, but Chun Chen, as a catcher makes a good/decent DH. His skill set as a catcher, his slow feet, his field generalship, etc. doesn't make him much of a ML prospect at the position. He's more suited to being a hitter who happens to play the catcher position. What Chen lacks as a catcher Eric Haase makes up for, times four. He is the Indians best catching prospect, yet you've rated him 6th best catching prospect and 64th, overall.

    Perhaps, instead of claiming an arm injury is the reason someone is degraded, you might want to find the reasons why a prospect is more highly considered and base your list from that perspective..

    What say you?...

    (btw. G'son, GeronimoSon, etc on the, ProsportsDaily, Indians Prospect Insider, etc.. are all me, if you'd like to read some of the comments I've made in previous postings)